Wednesday, 04 October 2023

“NewFlex” Flat Flexible Cabling

NewFlex is a flat, super flexible molded cabling product designed to control circuit positions and allow discrete wire assemblies to be routed flat – saving space and improving packaging. NewFlex can be used in high-flex dynamic applications and is a viable cost effective alternate to rigid flex circuitry. NewFlex can be designed to accommodate multiple wire gauges and types and can be terminated to any style interconnect. NewFlex is the preferred solution for flat flexible cable packaging and wire management in numerous military aircraft applications.

  • Multiple wire types & gauges (32awg = 65 strands of
    50 awg wires in a flexible, flat molded format
  • Over-molded w/silicone, polyurethane & other compounds
  • Utilizing high stranded conductors
  • Terminated to any component (connectors, headers, etc.)
  • Cable thickness from 0.015” to 0.250”
  • Operating range: .57C to = 260C
  • Outstanding tensile strength, tear/abrasion resistance

To learn more about the NewFlex advantages

NewFlex: PDF Version

New Flex Cable
New Flex Cable
New Flex Cable