Thursday, 20 June 2024

Cable and Harness Assemblies

DCX-CHOL has been the leading source for
“build to print” and custom designed cable and harness assemblies. Our discrete wire harnesses and complex, multi-breakout molded jacketed assemblies can be found in mission critical military applications including army vehicles, munitions, FLIR, airborne countermeasures and countless maritime platforms.

DCX-CHOL also designs and manufactures RF and semi-rigid coax, flex circuit and fiber-optic assemblies.

Cable Assembly Cable Assembly
Cable Assembly



We have extensive expertise in all types of cables and harnesses from:

  • High Flex/Flat Cables
  • Power, Data, Voice, Signal & RF
  • Shielded/Non-Shielded
  • RF Coaxial & Semi Rigid Coax
  • Fiber Optic Assemblies
  • Flat Ribbon, Multi-Leg & Hybrid
  • Molded or repairable constructions
  • Total-Overmolded Assemblies
  • Ruggedized Cable Assemblies
  • Underwater Submarine Tow Cable
  • Oil filled pressure compensated
  • Mil Std 1760 Umbilical Cables
  • F-16 Stores Management Systems Cables
  • Complex Electronic Harnesses
  • Underwater Cables Assemblies
  • Micro Miniature and Nano Assemblies
  • Grounding Cable Assemblies
  • Electric Power & Distribution
  • Electro-Optical Assemblies
  • Bomb Fuze Cables