Friday, 19 July 2024


Why Choose DCX-CHOL?

Because of our ability to bring value to our customers! Our vertical integration, complete design capability and packaging expertise allows us to evaluate our customers designs and make recommendations on how to design for cost and manufacturability. Our engineers are equipped with Auto Cad and Pro-E solid modeling and are fully capable of making material selections and design recommendations to meet the requirements of our clients applications. Our 5 U.S. facilities, with over 220,000 sq. ft., are ISO9001 and AS9100 registered and are set up for complete in house environmental and electrical testing. Our customers can rely on us as interconnect specialists to work with them on meeting their total program needs on performance and cost.

Our in-house capabilities are wide ranging from a complete machine shop to all types of molding, screw machining and extensive wire processing. DCX-CHOL uses state of the art robotics for flex circuit assembly, soldering, backfilling and testing of complex electrical assemblies.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the following:

  • Turnkey Build-to Print Production
  • Prototype Development and Testing
  • Project Management
  • Error Free Contract Manufacturing
  • Design engineering for contacts, connectors, LRU’s, and cable harnesses
  • Concurrent engineering
  • Legacy and End-of-Life Program Management