Wednesday, 04 October 2023

Engineering Expertise

DCX-CHOL is MORE than a build-to-print contract manufacturer.

We are an engineering resource for our customers.
DCX has an in depth technical staff with decades of experience in designing complex cables, connectors, interconnect devices and test sets.

With extensive background in the defense, aerospace, communications, ordnance, computer and commercial manufacturing industries. Our management and engineering teams can successfully meet the most demanding military standard design, manufacturing
and quality specifications.




DCX-CHOL offers in-house software design, technical support and engineering expertise covering:

  • Drawings and documentation to your specifications or to our typical practice DOD-D-1000 or MIL-STD-100 drawings.
  • Level III and IV engineering data packages
  • Development of testing parameters and test plan documentation.
  • Qualification testing of new products
  • ASME Y14.5M Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • Electrical Mechanical
  • Environmental design considerations
  • Mechanical Finite Element Analysis
  • Advanced Design Packaging