Wednesday, 04 October 2023

Wired Enclosures

DCX-CHOL has been producing high reliability backplane assemblies, and wired enclosures for the defense/aerospace and industrial market for decades. We specialize in complete “turnkey” custom electronic wired enclosures, sub-racks, system cabinets, and subsystem chassis. Our capabilities can support portable size units to large consoles with up to 100,000 terminations. Whether it is a stand alone item or part of an assembly, DCX-CHOL offers our customers the flexibility to customize their design to meet the needs of the application.

DCX-CHOL is experienced in the design and manufacturing of:

  • Ready-to-install precision mechanical and electromechanical assemblies built to your drawings and specifications.
  • NAFI and wire wrap connectors and backplane assemblies:
    • Various slot configurations and connector patterns.
    • Double sided up to 30 layers and designed and fabricated to commercial standards,
      Mil-P-55110, IPC 600 and Mil-P-23200.


Wire Enclosures
Wire Enclosures
Wire Enclosures