Monday, 15 August 2022

Hand Held Universal
Automated Tester

The Hand Held Universal Automated Tester (A3CPTS) is our latest microprocessor-based Armament Circuits Preload Test Set.

The A3CPTS system has the ability to store and run automated Test Program Sequences that speed up testing, help reduce aircraft maintenance down-time and reduce Stores Management System maintenance personnel requirements by 50%.

Our system can be programmed to reliably and accurately test any platform-to-weapon interface and reduce the need for costly and tedious technical orders or paper-based test procedures.

The A3CPTS is the only Preload Test Set on the market with fully protected electronics. No operator-replaceable fuses are used or required. This means greater safety and reliability for the user, the tester and the Stores Management System.

Please contact us to find out about how this new system can meet your avionics and weapons test needs.