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Sealed Assemblies

DCX-CHOL Enterprises has decades of experience in designing, testing and manufacturing high performance mission critical sealed cable assemblies and wire harnesses used in harsh environments that are subjected to extreme shock/vibration, saltwater spray/submersion, sand, dust, fuel, solvents, gun fire and extreme temperatures.

We build cables and harnesses that meet the extreme conditions for many land, underwater and airborne applications from submarines, tanks, fighting vehicle, helicopters, UAVS, targeting pods and many airborne munitions.

US Navy underwater molded Stave cable assembly for the Sonar system AN/SQS56. DCX-CHOL successfully qualified this neoprene molded cable assembly by subjecting it to the following tests: Mechanical integrity, pull flexing, NDT bond, hydrostatic pressure (500PSI x 3 at l5 min hold) before and after saltwater soak, saltwater soak (50 days @66+/-2C) with electrical monitoring, destructive bond.

USAF F-22 Raptor. DCX-CHOL is the sole source for a fully sealed and molded cable assembly used inside the fuel tank of the aircraft. This fully molded and sealed cable assembly was subjected and passed the following tests:

Shock and vibration at 25 hours per each of three axis’s, Gunfire vibration per Mil-Std-810, humidity per Mil-Std at72C non operating, ambient high temp., fluid immersion in jet fuel JP8 and 10 other chemicals, moisture resistance to high temp of 60C for 48 hrs at 5 cycles temperature, shock, fungus, sand and dust, acceleration, salt fog, flexure, abrasion resistance and others.