Saturday, 15 December 2018

Sealed Assemblies

DCX-CHOL specializes custom sealed, high performance assemblies and connectors for extreme environmental applications. Our sealing expertise ranges from large oil filled pressure compensated to hermetically sealed micro harnesses and assemblies.

We have had even developed a line of circular and rectangular connectors that provide hermetic sealing without the use of traditional fired-glass that perform over an unparallel temperature range! The advantages include lower weight, lower costs and shorter lead times. Our sealed cables can be found in applications ranging from underwater submersible vehicles, to the EO/IR seeker heads and targeting pods on many of today’s most common missile platforms.

  • The connectors on each assembly are custom designed and fabricated by DCX-CHOL using a proprietary sealing method involving different epoxies. These connectors and assemblies can meet hermeticity levels of 1x10-6.
  • The molded connectors and molded cables have to be pressure tested to two atmospheres (30PSI) and operate in temperatures ranging from +90C to .55C.

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Sealed Assembly Sealed Assembly

Sealed Assembly
Sealed Assembly