Thursday, 25 April 2019

Cable and Harness Assemblies

DCX-CHOL has been the leading source for
“build to print” and custom designed cable and harness assemblies. Our discrete wire harnesses and complex, multi-breakout molded jacketed assemblies can be found in mission critical military applications including army vehicles, munitions, FLIR, airborne countermeasures and countless maritime platforms.

DCX-CHOL also designs and manufactures RF and semi-rigid coax, flex circuit and fiber-optic assemblies.

Cable Assembly Cable Assembly
Cable Assembly



We have extensive expertise in all types of cables and harnesses from:

  • High Flex/Flat Cables
  • Power, Data, Voice, Signal & RF
  • Shielded/Non-Shielded
  • RF Coaxial & Semi Rigid Coax
  • Fiber Optic Assemblies
  • Flat Ribbon, Multi-Leg & Hybrid
  • Molded or repairable constructions
  • Total-Overmolded Assemblies
  • Ruggedized Cable Assemblies
  • Underwater Submarine Tow Cable
  • Oil filled pressure compensated
  • Mil Std 1760 Umbilical Cables
  • F-16 Stores Management Systems Cables
  • Complex Electronic Harnesses
  • Underwater Cables Assemblies
  • Micro Miniature and Nano Assemblies
  • Grounding Cable Assemblies
  • Electric Power & Distribution
  • Electro-Optical Assemblies
  • Bomb Fuze Cables

Sealed Assemblies (continued)


DCX-CHOL specializes in building complex sealed cable assemblies for reconnaissance, Targeting Pods used in military aircraft, helicopter and UAVs. Our flexible harnesses are used in electro-optical sensor pods. These cables are mounted under the aircraft towards the front of the aircraft. The inner harness in the left picture has a NewVac designed sealed connector with 266 pins that is hermitically sealed and operates in a temperature range of –55 degrees C up to + 85 degrees C.

Sealed Assemblies (continued)



DCX-CHOL manufactures sealed connectors used in the Raytheon AIM-SX missile as part of the Advanced Optical Targeting Device (AOTD) portion of the new version of this weapon. We build 3 different part numbers that have DCX-CHOL custom designed micro-D-subminiature hermetically sealed connectors. Our connectors are sealed without glass and can meet hermetic levels of lower than 5.0 X 10-8sup> std cc/sec. helium at 1 ATM pressure differential.

Sealed Assemblies (continued)


DCX-CHOL manufactured battery jumper/power cables for the U.S. Navy “DSRV and DSV”.
We have two hydrostatic test chambers to perform hermetic testing that can accommodate assemblies up to 2.5 feet in diameter and up to 13,500 psi.

Sealed Assemblies (continued)


DCX-CHOL is the sole source for all the sealed oil filled and sealed molded cable assemblies (7 different part numbers) used on the underwater unmanned AN/SLQ-48 Mine Neutralization Vehicle. These cables, pictured below and shown mounted on the unmanned submarine and are subjected to 1200 PSI and cannot leak. They are subjected to hydrostatic testing at 1200 psi.


This molded cable assembly is an umbilical scissor lift cable assembly with a custom flat-to-round oil filled cable capable of dynamic operation at up to 1100 psi. One of the 2 connectors is designed and produced by DCX-CHOL including all of the components.